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Dear children born in the late ’90s and early 2000s,

The MTV Movie Awards were the thing to watch every year for years. I’m sorry you’ll never get to see the brilliance that was Jimmy Fallon and Kirsten Dunst hosting together or even when Justin Timberlake and Seann William Scott took on co-hosting duties, I really, truly am. Twilight did not make the MTV Movie Awards, it never did. Over the years it even made it laughable. Twilight is over now. Deal with it. Find something else to do

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megan fox or kristen stewart

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Megan Fox without a doubt. Anyone that would risk her career to talk about Michael Bay in a negative light is someone I have to respect. Michael Bay is one of the biggest egotistical pricks known to man - and he was implemental in making Megan look like a dumb bimbo unwilling to learn or play the Hollywood game.

So she fought back just by talking about him honestly in interviews. 

I highly applaud her honesty about it. 

So happy Michael Bay got called out for the POS he is. Megan almost lost her entire career over it. I’m glad she’s getting more roles now.

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Drew Barrymore covers The Hollywood Reporter’s Beauty Issue with colorist Tracey Cunningham. Kristen Stewart (with hairstylist Adir Abergel), Amanda Seyfried (with stylist Jenny Cho), Dianna Agron (with makeup artist Georgie Eisdell), and Sarah Jessica Parker (with makeup artist Leslie Lopez) are also featured in the mag.

Click here to read more and to see the behind-the-scenes video. 

So it’s Adir Abergel’s fault

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